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Bioclear® Composite Restorations – Alternative to Veneers & Crowns



Revolutionary New Cosmetic Technique

Do you have chipped, worn and broken front teeth?

Can you not afford porcelain veneers, but still want a beautiful smile?

Do you want your teeth fixed but don't want your teeth cut down for crowns?

Do you have spaces between your teeth you don't like?

Do you have black triangles, that look ugly and collect food?

Did you have braces, and now have spaces between your teeth?

Were you born with small teeth that you don't like? 

The BIOCLEAR® METHOD can fix all those problems AND MORE!


Dr. Evan Polymeris & the Bioclear® Method...

The Bioclear® Method is an additive technique, and thus a non-invasive alternative to veneers and crowns. Veneers have been used for a decades to change the appearance of people's teeth and improve their smile.  But until recently there was no good alternative to porcelain veneers.  Dr. Polymeris is one of a few certified Bioclear® providers in the United States and the only one we are aware of in Long Island, NY.  If you're looking for a different option to porcelain veneers, an option that is cheaper, quicker and more conservative give us a call at (516) 735-6358 for a complimentary consultation. 


 Bioclear® Method is the best way to close spaces between teeth:

With Bioclear® you can close diastemas without pain, without staining, without chipping, and without getting food caught in your teeth.

 Bioclear® is one of the best ways to fix chipped and broken teeth:

Teeth can be restored with no additional tooth structure being removed.  It truly is the most conservative treatment possible. 


Bioclear® is the best way to fix black triangles:

As we age, after braces, with gum and periodontal disease spaces often form near the gums.  Some people hate these! Food gets caught all the time, and it's the first thing they see when they smile.   There is no better way to close these spaces then with Bioclear®.

Below are two examples of closing spaces that are called "Black Triangles".  Many people get these dark spaces between their teeth as they age, or after gum surgeries.  Spaces between teeth after braces is another common place to see these "Black Triangles"  Patients may have been told in the past that these couldn't be fixed.  Or if a fix was attempted,  they often become food traps, collecting plaque and food everytime one eats.  Now with the Bioclear® Method, these can be fixed conservatively and predictably. 


Bioclear® can fix peg laterals and other small teeth:

Some people are born with small front teeth.   With Bioclear® we can make them larger and improve your smile with absolutely no damage to the teeth.   It's quick and beautiful. Bioclear® is perfect for this. 


What is the Bioclear® Method?

The Bioclear® Method is a technique in which dental composite is wrapped around a tooth using special plastic matrices to properly form a fully functional, beautiful tooth.

How is this different than bonding?

Traditional bonding that is often used is based off of old techniques. While it has it's place, it also has many shortcomings.   Traditional bonding often leaves ledges that bacteria and plaque get caught on that can lead to staining, chipping, cavities, and bleeding gums. The Bioclear® Method leaves teeth fuller, stronger and more beautiful, while doing little to no damage at all to the tooth, making it completely reversible.

How is the Bioclear® Method different than Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain Veneers are a way to cosmetically change the front of the teeth to make them more beautiful.   Here at Massapequa Family Dentistry we are big fans of Porcelain Veneers, especially on people who have teeth that are worn, chipped and full of old broken fillings.  The Bioclear® Method has a few advantages over Porcelain Veneers:

1.  The Bioclear® Method is usually more conservative:

Despite what some claim, the vast majority of the time, tooth structure needs to be taken away to place the Porcelain Veneers.   The Bioclear® Method is an additive technique.  You're adding to the tooth, making it stronger.

2.  The Bioclear® Method is repairable:

Porcelain Veneers are very strong, but they can chip, especially in people who grind their teeth (which is most people) or in an accident.   When they do chip, they often can not be repaired and must be completely replaced, which can be costly. Since the Bioclear® Method uses Dental Composite, not porcelain, if the teeth chip, they can be added to and repaired fairly easily and inexpensively.

3.  The Bioclear® Method is less expensive:

While prices vary, the Bioclear® Method is usually about half the cost of a Porcelain Veneer, which makes it much more affordable to many people.


Below is an example of a Traditional bonding vs. a Bioclear® restoration...  

The overhang, food trap and overall poor contours are common occurrences with traditional bondings.   With the Bioclear® method, healthier and more aesthetically pleasing restorations are almost always the result.


Before (Traditional Bonding)


After (Bioclear® Restoration)


More before and after photos...


Black Triangle Closure:







Diastema Closure:




 For a more detailed description of how the Bioclear® Method is done click here (Courtesy of Dr. Jarett Hulse).


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