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5/9/2016 12:00:00 PM | Doug Saggio

When you need a dental restoration, there are two primary questions that are most important for taking into account: how close will the prosthetic look to real teeth and how long can it be expected to last? Both of those questions have more positive answers with the inclusion of incredibly strong materials and life-like substitutes for natural dental enamel into modern cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

In providing cosmetic dental services that also help to restore dental function, Drs. Saggio and Mogen offer options that help patients get the best of both worlds.

Materials for Best Aesthetics

Organic dental enamel has a certain sheen and luminosity that is important to duplicate, as close as possible, when creating cosmetic dental prosthetics on teeth that are highly visible when you smile. It’s also essential to ensure that dental restorations can be shade-matched to mimic the color of surrounding teeth so that they do not stand out as overly white or unnatural.

Most materials can be stained, polished and shade-matched to fit with the rest of your smile, but the transparent and luminosity of ceramic, porcelain, or mixes of the two, are often patient favorites for producing the most cosmetically appealing cosmetic restorations in their smile zone.

Considering Strength and Durability

How long your restoration lasts is important. While dealing with a decayed or cracked tooth is tough, having to babysit your restoration by coming back to the dentist frequently to have it repaired isn’t fun either. When thinking about the best choice to make for the life of your restoration, take where the tooth is located into account – a molar doesn’t necessarily need to be indistinguishable from other teeth. As long as it is tooth-colored, most people will not be able to notice a difference, whereas subtle changes between front teeth might meet be met with more scrutiny. In cases where a molar needs to be restored, it’s better to select a restoration with zirconia or even porcelain over metal, as they are some of the most resilient options available.

Questions? Contact our Office

For our cosmetic dentists, considering the best of both aesthetics and durability is a vital part of creating your dental restorations. If you have questions about available treatments, contact our office today for assistance.

4/25/2016 12:00:00 PM | Doug Saggio

Metal braces, while they help patients straighten their teeth, are often a difficult treatment to cope with in terms of everyday life and health and diet routines. The brackets of metal braces are bonded to the fronts of teeth, so they must be cleaned around and patients have to be careful not to damage the cement or the appliances themselves with hard foods and soft drinks.

Invisalign®, however, is unique in many ways, particularly in the way it makes the whole idea of wearing braces much easier for patients.

No Brackets and Bands - Without any bonded appliances to worry about, patients do not have use extra caution to ensure that brackets, wires, and bands are not damaged, stained, or otherwise altered and prevented from straightening teeth. Without the appliances, there is also significantly reduced likelihood that your orthodontics will gouge in the insides of your cheeks, a common complaint from orthodontic patients.

No Special Diet Restrictions - Drinking carbonated beverages or snacking on hard and crunchy foods can loosen brackets or damage wires. With metal braces, you have to change your diet to protect your appliances, but this isn’t so with Invisalign®. Clear aligners are removed to eat and drink and patients can enjoy all of their favorite foods. Invisalign® takes diet consideration out of the picture.

Fewer Check-Ups - Every few weeks, braces patients have to return to their orthodontist's office to have their wires tightened and new bands applied. In this way, metal braces continue to move teeth into better alignment. Invisalign® moves teeth with a series of clear trays and does not require as many check-up appointments to move your treatment along, as multiple trays can be given to patients in a single appointment. If you are given at least two trays at each check-up, this cuts down repeat dental visits in half.

Express and Short Treatment Options - For patients with moderate alignment issues, it’s often that case that a full series of brackets and wires are still applied with traditional orthodontics. This may feel like overkill for some, but Invisalign® offers express treatment options that utilize fewer trays, so you can straighten your teeth and correct minor to moderate flaws with less hassle.

Keep in Mind: Compliance is Vital

While Invisalign® makes the whole idea of wearing braces a more convenient and comfortable experience, patients should note that sticking to their treatment plan and wearing their aligners for the full recommended hours per day is vital. Patients who cannot keep to this regimen may not see the results they’re looking for.

But for those who can be diligent in wearing their aligners, orthodontic treatment is a more enjoyable process. For more information about the benefits of Invisalign®, contact our Massapequa Invisalign® dentists.

4/11/2016 12:00:00 PM | Doug Saggio

For many senior aged patients who need comprehensive dental restorations to replace missing teeth, going with the option that is cheapest up-front is often the most popular choice. Patients on fixed incomes or others who believe that they don’t need to or shouldn’t invest in long-lasting dental care, tend to overlook the life-changing ability of strong and durable replacement teeth, or lack thereof.

Our dental office believes that senior dental patients deserve long-lasting, comfortable prosthetics, as much as anyone else.

Investing in Your Health over Time

You wouldn’t ignore serious medical issues because seeking treatment for them might be costly and the same should be said for your teeth.  Quality of life is closely tied to feelings of health and wellness. In the same way that seeking medical attention to deal with an ailment is vital for ensuring that you enjoy your life, your dental health and the treatments you choose to correct oral health problems are significant.

While dentures, partial and full, and even bridges are able to correct some dental problems and improve upon biting and chewing power, they cannot match the strength, stability, and durability of dental implants. Implants help make your smile look more attractive, encourage bone health, and allow you to enjoy all of your favorite foods. At any age, all of the above can affect how you feel about yourself and can help you enjoy better all-around feelings of wellness.

Dentures can Make Everyday Things a Struggle

It may be easy to say now that you don’t mind giving up tough-to-chew, hard, or crunchy foods to cope with utilizing removable dentures as your teeth replacement solution, but these simple things can make meal times each day a frustrating challenge. No one likes or should have to deal with their dentures making the routine task of eating food a problematic endeavor, but removable dentures can slip or loosen throughout the day and during meal times.

Dental implants can eliminate this issue, as they are held in place by permanent, replacement tooth roots. Implants also make your hygiene routine easier – no more soaking over night or using and reapplying denture paste throughout the day. These small inconveniences add up and can make any senior patient frustrated with their dental prosthetics, but implants offer a solution.

Implants are Accessible and Beneficial for All Patients

If you have missing teeth, dental implants are not a luxury treatment – we encourage our patients to see them as necessary for dramatically improving their lifestyle and helping them to enjoy better health. Our Massapequa implants dentists welcome senior patients to learn about their implant options. Contact our office for additional assistance.

3/18/2016 1:19:00 PM | Doug Saggio

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