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Effective Invisalign® Braces in Massapequa, Long island

Having a straight, beautiful, and healthy smile isn’t just about having good genes. People whose smiles are well aligned and attractive likely had orthodontics at some point in their lives, as just about no one is born with or grows into perfect teeth. With modern treatment options like Invisalign®, getting the orthodontic care you need to have a straight smile is easier and more comfortable than ever. Our dentists are here to help you achieve a new smile with clear and discrete orthodontics. 


Getting a New Smile with Invisalign® at Massapequa Family Dentistry

Massapequa InvisalignAchieving your new smile starts with a consultation at our dental office to ensure that Invisalign® can best serve your needs. This system of clear braces is ideal for patients who have tilted or twisted teeth and mild teeth crowding and gaps between teeth. While Invisalign® can treat an array of the more common alignment problems patients experience, severe orthodontic problems are best addressed with different treatment methods.

Our dentists use diagnostic tools and imaging to create your treatment plan and send that information to Invisalign®’s laboratory. Invisalign® custom creates the series of clear aligner trays you will wear during the course of treatment. These trays designed to fit your smile at every phase of progression, moving your teeth closer to ideal alignment every step of the way.

Living with Clear Braces

The innovation behind clear, removable braces makes them easy to incorporate into your everyday life. Invisalign® offers patients the following benefits, in comparison to traditional orthodontic treatments, like metal braces and other types of orthodontics that are bonded to teeth:

Removability - The most significant benefit that Invisalign® offers patients is the ability to remove orthodontic appliances whenever the needs arise. This proves to be especially convenient at meal times-- no more getting food stuck in your orthodontics or worrying about damaging hardware with certain sticky foods or carbonated beverages.

Easy Oral Hygiene Routines - Because your clear aligner trays pop out when needed, brushing and flossing your teeth according to a good oral hygiene routine can remain the same process as before you started braces. With Invisalign®, you don’t have to use picks, floss threaders, or other tools to clean between teeth and around wires.

Near Invisibility - Invisalign®’s patented design is created from clear thermoplastic, which virtually disappears when placed over teeth. Because the aligner trays are created from Invisalign®’s precise digitally technology, they are made to fit your smile perfectly, which furthers helps them keep a low-profile on your smile. The aligners are also scalloped, so they cover only dental enamel, as opposed to extending over gums, which looks even more natural.

Invisalign in MassapequaComfort - The smooth plastic is easy on the soft tissues of your cheeks, gums, and even tongue. Unlike metal braces, Invisalign® does not utilize brackets with sharp corners that may cut or scrape sensitive tissue. Invisalign® is easy to wear and provides a comfortable orthodontic solution.

Because Invisalign® is nearly invisible and so easily integrates into your everyday life, it is ideal for adult patients, but can also be utilized by older teens who can wear their aligners for the recommended 22 hours per day.

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Our dentists can show you the way to a straight and beautiful smile the hassle-free way with Invisalign®. To schedule your consultation or to speak to a member of our team about this treatment, contact our office today at (516) 735-6358.


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